19 October 2020

Version 1.11


  • JewishGen: Added the JewishGen service
  • JewishGen: improved the handling of duplicate labels where differences due to spaces and upper/lower casing are now ignored (see Rabbi Ber Boruchoff Marriage Database, for example, where "# of marriage" and "# ofmarriage" are detected as duplicate labels in a header cell)
  • Generic: Minor changes in anticipation of major changes in the next version
    • Added support for more @type values in LD+JSON metadata
    • Removed the Access Date field which was a duplicate of the Page.Access Date field; the former was visible but non-standard, the latter is standard and while not visible, it can be used in any template
  • Templates: Added the "it_provinces" and "it_regions" lookup tables for Italian provinces and regions
  • OraSettings: Added link icons to the OraSettings page that open a help page that is relevant to the section of the OraSettings page where the icon appears
  • OraSettings: Transforms that appear in the Template display in the Template Tester panel are now links to the help page entry for the given transform
  • Templates: Text Templates that are assigned a Heading value that begins with "var." are now considered Variable Templates that create a value that can be used by other templates but do not appear in the Control Panel
  • Ancestry: Updated ORA's Ancestry service to handle a recent change by Ancestry where some "Suggested Records" lists were no longer handled properly by ORA


  • The Search field value, which comes from the search= parameter in the URL, will now have all "+" characters converted to spaces rather than just the first "+" character
  • Trove: Changed the parsing rules for the publish location and publish date range Fields to avoid issues with publications that had multiple locations and multiple date ranges
  • Fields: The [Page.Title] field will now return the original document title even if a collection has a Tab.Title template that changes the document title and the Control Panel is refreshed
24 September 2020

Version 1.10


  • Transforms: Added the dateAdd and dateSubtract transforms
  • Transforms: Changed the dateAdd transform to accept multiple numbers ("75y 1m 3d", "75y 6d", etc.) and added the dateSubtract transform which accepts the same parameter but subtracts positive numbers and adds negative numbers
  • Transforms: Added the dayOfWeek transform
  • Transforms: Added "number" or "n" as a variation of the version parameter for the dayOfWeek transform; "number" or "n" returns the day of the week number as a digit where Sunday is "0" (zero), Monday is "1" (one), etc.
  • Transforms: Added the dateJtoG transform
  • Transforms: Added the dateGtoJ transform
  • Help: Added the Date Converter help page
  • Transforms: Added the dateJNYD transform
  • OraSettings: Added the Julian New Year's Day preferences
  • Ancestry: Updated Ancestry service to handle some recent changes by
  • Find a Grave: Updated to parse name parts using the Name Part Transforms introduced in version 1.09
  • Transforms: Modified the nameSuffix transform to recognize common suffix values even if they do not follow a comma in the input name field
  • Transforms: Changed the lookup transform: for tables that return a date value, the dates are now formatted according to the user's Date Format preference


  • Transforms: Fixed a bug where the optional name part characters were sometimes included in the result ("[.]", etc.)
  • Transforms: Fixed a bug where the conversions to/from the Julian calendar were using March 3 as the default value when the documented default value is March 25
  • Trove: Fixed a bug where publications with multiple publication date ranges such as "Punch (Melbourne, Vic. : 1900 - 1918; 1925)" were not displayed properly in the Control Panel

    As part of this fix, the Publication.Start field and the Publication.End field have been replaced by a single field, Publication.Dates.

  • Transforms: Fixed a bug where uppercase characters in the flags parameter of the replace transform were ignored
11 September 2020

Version 1.09


  • Transforms: Added the Name Part Transforms including namePrefix, nameGiven, namePreSurname, and nameSuffix
  • Transforms: Added the nameToGivenFirst transform
  • Templates: Value tests that use a Regular Expression may now include a space character after the trailing / to force case-sensitive comparisons for alphabetic characters
  • Templates: (Possible Breaking Change) When Text Templates are added to the collection fields, ORA now trims any leading or trailing spaces

    If you have Text Templates that require leading or trailing spaces (unlikely, but possible), this change will remove those spaces. You will have to add spaces in a subsequent template that uses the Text Template value, or add the space(s) some other way.


  • Transforms: Fixed a bug where the name parser was not stripping trailing spaces before splitting the parts to find the given name and surname
  • Templates: Fixed a bug where a value test with a Regular Expression did not honor the trailing space to force "case sensitive" processing
  • Fold3: Fixed a bug where Auto Type templates did not work
  • Templates: Fixed the spelling of Caernarvonshire in the Chapman codes table
31 August 2020

Version 1.08


  • Fold3: Added the Fold3 service
  • Trove: Added the Trove service
  • Templates: Added support for a special Text Template, "Tab.Title"
  • Templates: Changed the template parser to allow periods in the field names used with the Assignment reference
  • Control Panel: Improved the messages for template syntax errors when the error occurs during the rendering of the Control Panel or the execution of an Auto Type button; the messages now include the starting position and ending position of the text being parsed when the error is detected
    Syntax Error Dialog Panel
  • OraSettings: Improved the output for template syntax errors when the error occurs when testing a template; the messages now include the starting position and ending position of the text being parsed when the error is detected and the text is highlighted
    Syntax Error During Template Test
3 August 2020

Version 1.07


  • Control Panel and OraSettings: Added new options in the Quarter Date Format pull-down menu
  • Templates: Added the extractIndex transform
  • Record Status: Added tooltips to the Record Status menu icon choices
  • Ancestry: Added AncestryLibraryEdition as an alias domain for Ancestry

    Unfortunately, this domain alias was not tested because the beta testers and I did not have access to the domain.


  • Templates: Fixed a bug in the extract transform where it triggered an error message when the target pattern was not found
23 July 2020

Version 1.06


  • OraSettings: Changed the way OraSettings creates record links for the Pending and Questionable record links to reduce the code changes required for new repositories

    No new features, but please review your Pending and Questionable links.

  • OraSettings: The initial service and collection when opening the OraSettings window are set to the most-recently visited repository and collection
  • OraSettings: Added the [Most Recent] button to set the service and collection to the most-recently visited repository and collection
  • Templates: If a Text Template uses a Heading that specifies an existing field name, the Text Template value will now replace the existing value

    In prior versions, the Text Template value would be appended to the existing value.

  • Australian Cemeteries Index: Changed the name from "Australian Cemetery Index" which was not correct


  • Templates: Fixed several edge cases where the escape character did not work properly in transform parameters
  • OraSettings: Fixed a bug where the Collection Report did not include the repository names for the Australian Cemetery Index and BillionGraves repositories
13 July 2020

Version 1.05


  • Australian Cemeteries Index: Added the Australian Cemeteries Index service
  • BillionGraves: Added the BillionGraves service
  • Find a Grave: Added record status icons to search result lists
  • Find a Grave: Added maintainer information fields to the Control Panel
  • Auto Type: Made a small change to keyboard event creation in hopes of improving results when OraHost is running under Parallels on a Macintosh
  • Control Panel: Will now detect date values that include commas such as "27 January, 1972"
  • OraSettings: Added Excel to the Target Applications list
  • Record Status: Changed the method used to mark links that have a Record Status icon in an attempt to fix an issue where multiple Record Status icons appear for links in some Findmypast result lists
  • Templates: Choosing [Cancel] in response to a variable Assignment prompt will now cancel the formatting of the template and suppress the Auto Type operation
  • Templates: Added processing before Chapman Codes lookups such that "County" will be ignored if it is part of the place value, and variations with and without hyphens will resolve to the same value
  • Templates: Published the contents of the tables used by ORA on GitHub:


  • Templates: (Possible Breaking Change) Fixed a bug in the substring transform where a negative value in the indexEnd (2nd) parameter was not interpreted properly
  • Control Panel: (Possible Breaking Change) Adjusted the standardization of field names such that "Born" is only changed to "Birth" when the value is a date, and similar for "Died" to "Death"
  • Find a Grave: Fixed a bug where Record Status icons did not appear in all search results when scrolling down the page caused Find a Grave to add new results dynamically
  • FreeReg: Fixed a bug that caused template and field list issues
  • Templates: Fixed several data issues in the Chapman Codes table
2 July 2020

Version 1.04


  • FreeReg: Added the FreeReg service for
  • Findmypast: Added support for an additional variation of the 1939 Register record detail page
  • Findmypast: Added new fields to the Control Panel for the 1939 Register record detail pages
  • OraSettings: Added Ancestral Sources to the Target Applications list
  • Control Panel: Increased the timeout values for all ORA services that wait for the repository to load dynamic content

    This change should make ORA more reliable when there are processing delays for FamilySearch, Findmypast, and

  • Templates: Added the substring transform
  • Templates: ORA now filters special characters when they are used in an Assignment reference

    The following characters are not valid in field names: . : / = ! < >

    Those characters will be changed to a space if you use them in the field name in an Assignment reference.

  • OraSettings: Added the [Collection Report] button


  • Auto Type: Fixed a bug where using the escape character \ was unreliable
23 June 2020

Version 1.03


  • Findmypast: Added support for transcription pages that use the "" URLs
  • Find a Grave: Added new name part fields parsed from the single name field provided by Find a Grave
  • Templates: Added the padLeft and padRight transforms
  • Templates: Text Templates are now added to the record data after they are processed which means that Text Template 2 can now refer to Text Template 1, 3 can refer to 2, etc., and Auto Type Templates can refer to any Text Template
  • OraSettings: Added Family Tree Maker to the Target Application pull-down menu
  • OraSettings: For repositories that use multiple domains, the OraSettings page now includes the most-recent domain you have visited which is the domain it will use for links in the Pending and Questionable lists


  • Templates: Fixed a bug where assigning a null value to a field would leave the original value in place
  • Findmypast: Fixed a bug where Pending and Questionable links were not available
  • Findmypast: Fixed a bug where the Control Panel could not be moved to the left edge of the browser window
16 June 2020

Version 1.02


  • Findmypast: Added support for the Record Status feature
  • Findmypast: Added the Findmypast service

    It appears that FMP adjusts the HTML it creates for some collections. ORA is sensitive to the exact HTML, so ORA may not handle some FMP collections. Specifically, on a transcript page, ORA may not produce the expected Control Panel fields.

    If you see a transcription page that is not handled properly, let me know. As always, I need a link to the record so I can see the exact page where ORA misses the mark. If you see multiple examples of the same format that ORA isn't handling, please do not send multiple reports for the same collection.

  • Templates: Added the l (ell) option to the replace transform to specify a literal transform where the first parameter is literal text, not a Regular Expression pattern
  • Templates: The Assignment special variable now accepts field references in the value parameter

    A field references may include transforms so you may now effectively save the result of a transform in order to use it multiple places in the template without repeating the transform expression each time.

  • Control Panel: (Possible Breaking Change) Fields named "DOB" in the repository record will now be named "Birth Date" in the ORA Control Panel
  • Control Panel: Removed the colon that was appended to the field name


  • Ancestry: Fixed an issue where ORA was using the wrong title for a collection ("Learn more about collection name") after following a leaf-hint to a record detail page
  • Find a Grave: Fixed a bug where ORA proposed a filename for downloading an image that included a period from the person's name and that resulted in an incorrect filename and filetype; ORA now removes periods from the proposed filename
  • GRO UK: Fixed a bug where the Auto Type feature did not work and produced an error message, "The Type Template was not found."
6 June 2020

Version 1.01


  • Browsers: ORA is now available for Chrome, Edge, and Opera in addition to Firefox!

    With three web stores (Chrome, Edge, Firefox), there may be a lag between when the latest version of ORA is available for a particular browser.

  • Auto Type: More Control Sequences will work properly in TMG and other target applications due to a change to keyboard event creation
  • OraSettings: Links to Ancestry records in the Pending and Questionable lists now use the last-visited Ancestry domain to avoid login issues when following links in those lists
  • Ancestry: ORA now recognizes Ancestry collections that it failed to detect in v1.00
  • GRO UK: Now parses the GRO reference data properly for recent records
  • GRO UK: Now detects the "Age at Death" and "Birth Year" variations for Death index records
  • GRO UK: Record Status Icons now use a darker border to improve the contrast between the border and the background color of the index entries
  • OraSettings: If the OraSettings page is open and you visit a collection you have not visited since starting to use ORA, OraSettings will now add the collection to the Collection pull-down menu without the need to reload the page
  • Templates: Added the abbrSplit, fullSplit, and lookupSplit transforms for finding lookup table keys inside a value with multiple parts
  • Templates: Added the "chapman" lookup table
  • Ancestry: Added Source.Year for US Federal Census collections where that field is not found in the Source Citation
  • GRO UK: Changed the processing so that the Control Panel will show the field values for the first item immediately after a search when no item is selected
  • GRO UK: Added Record Status icons to results list

    These are a limited form of Record Status entry because you cannot navigate directly from the Pending or Questionable lists to an index entry.

  • GRO UK: Added the GRO UK service to support the Birth and Death indexes at the UK General Register Office web site
  • Control Panel: When using the clipboard icon (), the value copied to the clipboard will now include line breaks if <br> tags are included in the value

    This change will only affect Text Template values where the user has deliberately included <br> tags.

  • Control Panel: Added value standardization where fullwidth digits are converted to halfwidth digits

    Unicode fullwidth digits ("0123456789") are often used in Chinese, Japanese and Korean computing. The graphic characters look similar to the familiar digits used in other computing environments, but they are not the same. ORA now converts the fullwidth digits to the usual halfwidth digits ("0123456789") for ease of use in ORA's Western-influenced computing environment.

  • Control Panel: Empty Text Template entries are no longer added to the Control Panel as empty cells


  • Record Status Menu: Fixed a bug where the Record Status Menu would not display the correct icon after choosing an item from the menu

    This bug was triggered by using the "Refresh" icon to refresh the Control Panel.

31 May 2020

Version 1.00

The first release of ORA, the Online Repository Assistant!

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