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ORA includes support for American Ancestors at AmericanAncestors.org.


American Ancestors has many collections. ORA detects collection names and ID numbers and adds them to the collections list on the OraSettings page.

Record IDs

ORA extracts a unique record ID for American Ancestors records. It shows the record ID in the Control Panel, and also constructs a link that will open the record detail page and includes that link in the Control Panel. The link is not particularly useful in the Control Panel except that it triggers the Record Status icon to appear there. That allows you to update the Record Status while on the record details page. You can also copy the URL of the record using the clipboard icon next to the link in the Control Panel.

The Record ID is not directly provided by American Ancestors, but ORA uses the value to create links to record pages that follow a structure used by the American Ancestors site.

Search Results

ORA adds Record Status icons to search results.