ORA includes support for the TheGenealogist,

Control Panel

The ORA Control Panel appears on record detail pages. The ORA Control Panel also appears when TheGenealogist opens a panel on a search results page if the panel includes record details.

When ORA detects that the record details include a nested table, and one of those rows is selected (highlighted with a green background), ORA will extract the field values from that row. TheGenealogist adds nested tables for census results, for example.

If you want to change the selected subrecord, you click one of the icons in the row of the desired subrecord. There are several icons variations. The screenshot below shows the "View Family" icon. In other circumstances, you will see the "View Household" icon.

Census Record with First Subecord Selected

The green highlight indicates the selected household member and the ORA Control Panel includes the field values for that person (Caleb Heritage). We added the red rectangle to the screenshot to indicate the button you should click to change the selected subrecord to the second person (Hannah Heritage).

The field values in ORA's Control Panel may not always match the currently-selected row. TheGenealogist's implementation of record detail panels and nested tables is complicated and it's challenging for ORA to detect the currently-selected subrecord in some circumstances.

For some detail records, TheGenealogist includes subrecords but does not highlight one of the subrecords and does not include icons you can click to select one of the subrecords. The 1939 Register collection is one example. On those pages, the subrecord fields are not included in the ORA Control Panel.

Search Results

ORA adds Record Status icons to search result entries where appropriate.


ORA detects collection names from record detail pages and popup panels and adds them to the collections list on the OraSettings page.

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