ORA includes full-featured support for and its affiliated sites,, etc.

ORA adds Record Status icons to search results, and you can alter the Record Status icon from the search results page and from record details pages.

ORA adds the Control Panel to record detail pages, and ORA detects the collection that includes the current record on a record detail page. That means you can customize Text Templates and Auto Type Templates by collection.

At the present time, ORA does not add a Control Panel to Ancestry image pages. That feature is on the wish list.

Record IDs

ORA extracts a unique record ID for Ancestry records. It shows the record ID in the Control Panel, and also constructs a link that will open the Record Detail page and includes that link in the Control Panel. The link is not particularly useful in the Control Panel except that it triggers the Record Status icon to appear there. That allows you to update the Record Status while on the record details page. You can also copy the URL to the page using the clipboard icon next to the link in the Control Panel.

Ancestry Record ID and Link

Source Citation

Some Ancestry collections include a "Source Citation" in a "keyword: value" format:

Source Citation

Year: 1880; Census Place: Providence, Providence, Rhode Island; Roll: 1213; Page: 480C; Enumeration District: 058

When the Source Citation section is included on a record detail page, ORA will extract the fields in the Source Citation. The values before the ":" are considered field names, and the values in italics are the field values.

ORA adds "Source." as a prefix for the fields it extracts from the Source Citation section.


Ancestry has thousands of collections. ORA detects collection names and ID numbers from record detail pages and adds them to the collections list on the OraSettings page.

Multiple Domains

Ancestry uses multiple domains, including "", "", "", and "". I assume there are many more. ORA attempts to detect Ancestry domains by removing known suffixes and then comparing with "Ancestry". In testing, that method proved reliable.

One issue you may encounter is that ORA's Pending and Questionable record lists use the domain from the last record detail page you visited in any one of the Ancestry domains. If you click one of those links and you are not logged in to Ancestry via that domain, Ancestry may show you a login page or some other page in place of the target page. It can be confusing to get your account logged-out of one Ancestry domain and logged-in to another. You may have to clear your browser's cache. However, if you only use one Ancestry domain, you should avoid this confusion.

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