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The following sites have been evaluated for use with ORA's Generic Service. This list includes only sites that have been evaluated; the Generic Service will extract useful data on thousands of other sites.

This list was gathered partly from end-user submissions and partly by browsing sites with links to regional genealogy resources.

Some supported sites are listed in the list of tweaks which shows all the generic sites where ORA has a custom script to implement or improve data extraction.


Locale Site Page(s)
Australia Australia, Dept. of Veterans Affairsnominal-rolls.dva.gov.auSupportedJS

When site takes a long time to respond, you will have to refresh the ORA Control Panel to see the correct Field values.

Australia Births Deaths and Marriages Victoriamy.rio.bdm.vic.gov.auPartially SupportedFaux TablesCSSJS

You must login before using the "my.rio.bdm.vic.gov.au" link or it will not work properly.

Detail pages are supported. Site access for family history research requires registration and login.

Result list pages use faux tables and are not supported.

Australia Genealogy SAgenealogysa.org.auSupportedJS
Australia Libraries Tasmaniaoa.anu.edu.auSupportedJS
Australia National Archives of Australiarecordsearch.naa.gov.auSupportedCSSJS
Australia Obituaries Australiaoa.anu.edu.auPartially Supported

On an Obituary page, ORA extracts what it can, mostly from the text. On obituary pages, there is often a link to "Life Summary [details]", and you should follow that link to extract the details.

On a Life Summary page, ORA extracts Field values from the table. However, the table cells include multiple unlabeled values and ORA has to make educated guesses about what is what.

Australia Queensland Births, Deaths, and Marriagesfamilyhistory.bdm.qld.gov.auSupportedCSSJS
Australia Ryerson Index of Death Notices and Obituariesryersonindex.orgSupportedCSS
Australia Western Australia Births, Deaths, and Marriagesbdm.justice.wa.gov.auSupportedJS
Canada Automated Genealogyautomatedgenealogy.comSupportedCSSJS
New Brunswick
Provincial Archives of New Brunswickarchives.gnb.caSupportedCSS
New Zealand Births, Deaths & Marriages Onlinebdmhistoricalrecords.dia.govt.nzSupported
Riksarkivet - Swedish National Archivessok.riksarkivet.sePartially Supported

ORA's Generic Service includes a custom handler for this site that extracts information from a panel on the side of image pages. I cannot read Swedish so I do not know if the custom handler will work for all image pages on the site and that's why I classied this site as partially supported.

United Kingdom Commonwealth War Gravescwgc.orgSupportedCSSJS

The cell values in the search result tables include multiple items so the extracts are not very useful.

The detail pages do not use tables but ORA's Generic Service includes a script to extract the values and it does a good job there.

United Kingdom Find a Willprobatesearch.service.gov.ukSupportedCSS
United Kingdom FreeBMDfreebmd.org.ukSupportedCSSJS

Result tables include divider rows with the event type and date. ORA's Generic Service cannot process those values.

United Kingdom FreeCENfreecen.org.ukSupportedCSS
United Kingdom Funeral Notices UKfuneral-notices.co.ukPartially SupportedNo Tables

ORA extracts metadata only for this site. On detail pages, that includes the person's name and the publish date.

United Kingdom Old Baileyoldbaileyonline.orgPartially Supported

Important elements of the data are not in the result table so they are not extracted to ORA's Control Panel.

United Kingdom,
Bath BMD Indexesbathbmd.org.ukSupportedCSS
United Kingdom,
Cornwall Online Parish Clerkscornwall-opc-database.orgSupportedCSS
United States Bureau of Land Managementglorecords.blm.govSupported
United States Legacy.comlegacy.comSupported
United States,
Angelus Memorial Park Burialsakgenweb.comSupported
United States,
Alabama Department of Archives and Historyarchives.alabama.govSupported
United States,
Arkansas GenWebargenweb.netSupported
United States,
Arizona Department of Health Servicesgenealogy.az.govPartially Supported
United States,
Yuma County GenWebusgenwebsites.orgSupported
United States,
California Birth Index, 1905-1995californiabirthindex.orgSupported
United States,
Genealogy Trails, Del Norte County, Californiagenealogytrails.comSupportedCSS
United States,
Delaware US GenWebtheusgenweb.orgSupportedCSS
United States,
Broward County GenWebsites.google.com/site/browardcountygenwebSupportedCSS
United States,
Buena Vista County Iowa History & Heritage Projectfreepages.rootsweb.com/~claydickinsoncosks/genealogySupported
United States,
Calhoun Countysites.rootsweb.com/~iacalho2Supported
United States,
Illinois State Archivesilsos.govSupported
United States,
Illinois, Wayne County GenWebwayne.illinoisgenweb.orgSupported
Indiana GenWeb, Adams Countyingenweb.org/inadamsSupported
United States,
Dickinson Countysites.rootsweb.com/~ksdickinSupported
United States,
Adair Countykyadair.genealogyvillage.comSupported
United States,
Million Early Marriages in the Southern Stateslaahgp.genealogyvillage.comSupported
United States,
Missouri Digital Heritages1.sos.mo.govSupportedJS
United States,
Oklahoma Historical Societyokhistory.orgPartially Supported

Some of the tables on this site have no column headings and those tables do not work well with ORA.

United States,
Shelby Countyregister.shelby.tn.usSupported

This site includes search forms for several state-wide datasets including Tennessee Vital Records (Death Records Index 1949-2014, Divorce Records Index 1980-2014, Marriage Records Index 1980-2014) and others that are specific to Shelby County.

United States,
Van Zandt Countyvanzandttx.orgSupported
United States,
West Virginia
West Virginia Culturewvculture.orgSupported

Host Pages Legend

CSS ORA includes custom styles for this site.
JS ORA includes custom scripting for this site.
Supported ORA supports data extraction from pages on this site.
Partially Supported ORA supports data extraction from some pages on this site.
Not Supported ORA does not support data extraction from this site.
Faux Tables Some or all of the content on this site that look like data tables are not implemented with HTML TABLE elements.
No Tables There are no data tables on this site, or ORA cannot extract data from the tables on the site due to the format or content of the tables.