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Error Messages

Q: Why did I get the error message "Extension context invalidated" and how do I solve it?

If your browser updates the ORA extension in the background while you are on a page with an OraPanel, clicking something in the OraPanel or moving it will trigger an error, "Extension context invalidated". The message text may vary slightly depending on which browser you use.

The error occurs because the version of ORA used to add the OraPanel to the page is not the same version that is now installed in the browser. That could lead to trouble, so the browser prevents further activity by or with the extension.

To solve the problem, reload the page.

Q: Why does Import Settings fail?

After you select the ".ora-settings" file to import, OraHost will send the data to tghe browser and the browser forwards it to a script running on the OraSettings page.

  • If the OraSettings script receives the data, it will load the data and then refresh the OraSettings page. You can check for success by inspecting collections or other settings you were trying to create or recreate.
  • If the OraSetttings script does not receive the data, the OraSettings page will not be refreshed and the collections and other settings you were trying to create or recreate will not change.

There is only one known issue that can trigger an Import Settings failure. It was discovered by an end-user. If the program ExplorerPatcher is installed on your PC, it interferes with the data transfer process between OraHost and your browser. The data transfer error triggers the browser to close OraHost, and any subsequent operation by OraExtension that requires OraHost will fail until you close all browser windows and restart the browser.

There is no workaround. As of October, 2023, ORA and ExplorerPatcher are incompatible.