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The table below lists the keyboard-related keywords supported by the Auto Type facility in ORA.

Keyword Description
ALTAlt key
BACKBackspace key
BACKSPACEBackspace key
BKSPBackspace key
BREAKBreak key
BROWSER_BACKBrowser back key
BROWSER_FORWARDBrowser forward key
BROWSER_HOMEBrowser home key
BROWSER_REFRESHBrowser refresh key
BSBackspace key
CANCELBreak key
CAPSLOCKCaps Lock key
CONTROLControl (Ctrl) key
CTRLControl (Ctrl) key
DELDelete (Del) key
DELETEDelete (Del) key
DOWNDown arrow key
ENDEnd key
ENTEREnter (Return) key
ESCEscape (Esc) key
ESCAPEEscape (Esc) key
FASTSee Speed
F1F1 key
F2F2 key
F3F3 key
F4F4 key
F5F5 key
F6F6 key
F7F7 key
F8F8 key
F9F9 key
F10F10 key
F11F11 key
F12F12 key
F13F13 key
F14F14 key
F15F15 key
F16F16 key
F17F17 key
F18F18 key
F19F19 key
F20F20 key
F21F21 key
F22F22 key
F23F23 key
F24F24 key
HOMEHome key
INSInsert (Ins) key
INSERTInsert (Ins) key
LALTLeft ALT key; usually best to use ALT instead
LCONTROLLeft Control (Ctrl) key; usually best to use CTRL instead
LEFTLeft arrow
LSHIFTLeft shift key; usually best to use SHIFT instead
LWINLeft Windows key; usually best to use WINDOWS instead
MINUSMinus key
NUMPAD0Zero on numeric keypad
NUMPAD1One key on Numeric keypad
NUMPAD2Two on Numeric keypad
NUMPAD3Three on Numeric keypad
NUMPAD4Four on Numeric keypad
NUMPAD5Five on Numeric keypad
NUMPAD6Six on Numeric keypad
NUMPAD7Seven on Numeric keypad
NUMPAD8Eight on Numeric keypad
NUMPAD9Nine on Numeric keypad
PAGEDOWNPage Down key
PAGEUPPage Up key
PAUSEPause key; does not add a delay, it simulates pressing the Pause key. See Delays and Speed
PGUPPage Up key
PLAYPlay key
PLUSPlus (+) key
PRINTSCREENPrint Screen key
PRTSCPrint Screen key
RALTRight Alt key; usually best to use ALT instead
RCONTROLRight Control (Ctrl) key
RETURNReturn (Enter) key
RIGHTRight arrow key
RSHIFTRight shift key
RWINRight Windows key; usually best to use WIN or WINDOWS
SCROLLScroll Lock key
SCROLLLOCKScroll locl key
SHIFTShift key
SLOWSee Speed
SNAPSHOTPrint Screen key
SPACESpacebar key
SUBTRACTSubtract (-) key
TABTab key
UPUp arrow key
WINWindows (Win) key
WINDOWSWindows (Win) key